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Freedom Antenna® All-in-One Pack
ARC Freedom Antenna Booster Price: $37.95

ARC Wireless Companies newest product the "ARC Freedom Antenna" Signal Booster with 8x Times Reception. Get clearer reception and fewer dropped calls on your cell phone.

This is the All-in-One Pack, which includes everything needed to connect to over 200 cell phone models.

Tired of dropped calls? Get the worlds first portable personal antenna with broadband capability which provides boosts reception to give you a clearer signal for cell phones and other wireless devices by extending the range and reducing dropped calls.

Utilizing patented technology, the Freedom Antenna® is compatible with all major wireless carriers and technologies and offers high performance in a slim package for both fixed and mobile hands-free use in vehicles, offices, homes and is ideal for travel. The Freedom Antenna is essential for sales people & executives, remote workers, anyone frustrated by dropped calls and poor reception.
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   (See the list of compatible phones below.)
Name: 8 Times Reception Antenna Booster
Compatible ONLY with: the 200 Phones Listed Below
Name: 8 Times Antenna Booster for Motorola
Compatible ONLY with: RAZR(except V3m and V3x) - Motorola KRZR(except K1m) - Motorola Q
Name: 8 Times Antenna Booster - LG Adaptor Package
Compatible ONLY with: LG AX-245, AX-355, Wave AX-380, AX-390, AX-490, AX-4650, AX-4750, C1300, C1500, C2000, CG225, CU320, CU400, CU500, CE500, G4015, G4020, L1100, L1150, L1200, L1400, LX350, UX-210, UX-390, UX-4750, VX3400, VX3450, VX4650, VX4700, VX5300, VX8300 (Not VX8350), VX8500 (Chocolate), VX9400, VX-9400, VX9900 (enV) LG F7200, 9100, F9100, VX3300, AX4270, LX-550
Name: 8 Times Antenna Booster - Novatel Wireless Compatible Package
Compatible ONLY with: Novatel Wireless Merlin S720 Sprint Mobile Broadband Card (EVDO Rev A), M720 Cell Phone Antenna Adapter Cable Used to connect Novatel Wireless Merlin S720 Sprint Mobile Broadband Card (EVDO Rev A), M720 PC Modem Cards, Novatel Wireless Merlin V620 (Verizon/Others: EVDO, 1xRTT), S620 (Sprint: EVDO, 1xRTT), U630 (Vodafone/Vodacom/Others: UMTS, GSM, GPRS), U730 (Cingular: HSDPA, GSM, EDGE), U740 (UMTS, HSDPA-Enable, EDGE, GSM/GPRS) PC Modem Card (DOES NOT FIT C201) Merlin S620, V620, U630, U730, U740 PC Modem Cards, V640, XV620 (Verizon/Others: EVDO, 1xRTT), V740 (Verizon/Others: EVDO Rev A), Dell Wireless 5700 Mobile Broadband ExpressCard, V640, XV620, V740 and Dell Wireless 5700 Mobile Broadband ExpressCard PC Modem Cards, XU870 3G HSDPA 3.6/7.2 Mbps ExpressCard, Dell Wireless 5510 Mobile Broadband (3G HSDPA) ExpressCard for Select Dell Inspiron Notebooks, Novatel Wireless Merlin XU870 3G HSDPA 3.6/7.2 Mbps ExpressCard or Dell Wireless 5510 Mobile Broadband (3G HSDPA) ExpressCard for Select Dell Inspiron Notebooks PC Modem Cards, Sprint Mobile Broadband EX720 ExpressCard by Novatel Wireless (Merlin EX720) ExpressCard PC Modem Cards
Name: 8 Times Antenna Booster for Treo
Compatible ONLY with: Treo 650 -700p - 700w - 700wx - 750 - 755p

The Freedom Antenna® All-in-One Pack includes everything needed to connect to over 200 cell phone models. Get up to 8x times the reception with this antenna signal booster. Get clearer reception and fewer dropped call on your cell phone. Model# ARC-FR0803R01

Motorola Compatible Cell Phones:
RAZR Series(except V3m and V3x), 120 Series (120c, 120e, 120t, 120x), 182C, A630, A840, C115, C155, C290, E1 ROKR, E310, E816, T120, T193, T720 Series (T720c, T720g, T720i), T721 Series (T721g, T721li), T722 Series (T722i), Series (T730c, T730i), T731 Series (T731c), V120 Series (V120c, V120e, V120t), V170, V300, V173, V200 V240, V260, V262, V265, V266, V276, V171, V303, V323, V325, V330, V400, V505, V551, V547, V540

Samsung Compatible Cell Phones:
MM-A700, MM-A790, MM-A880, MM-A890, PM-A740, RL-A760, SCH-A310, SCH-A530, SCH-A570, SCH-A610, SCH- A650, SCH-A670, SCH-A790 (IP-A790), SCH-A890, SCH-A970, SCH-i600, SCH-i730, SCH-N150, SGH-D415, SGH- E105, SGH-N240, SGH-N370, SGH-R225, SGH-S307, SPH-A600, SGH-X426, SGH-X427, SPH-A460, SPH-A500, SPH-A540, SGH-V205, VM-A680, Vi660, VGA 1000, SPH-N240, SPH-i700, SPH-i330, SPH-A760, SPH-A740, SPH- A700, SPH-A680, SPH-A660, SPH-A620

LG Compatible Cell Phones:
6190, 7020, 7030, 4NE1, C1500, C2000, MM-535, TP5200, TP5250, VX2000, VX3200, VX4400, VX4400b, VX4500, VX4600, VX6000, VX6100, VX7000, VX8000, VX8100, VX9800 (The V)

Audiovox Compatible Cell Phones:
CDM100, CDM8150, CDM8410, CDM8450, CDM8610, CDM8615, CDM8900, CDM8910, CDM8915, CDM8940, CDM8945, CDM9900, CDM9950SP, T300, VI600, VM4050, XV6600/PPC6600, XV6700/PPC6700/HTC Apache/Pocket PC 6700Q

HTC Compatible Cell Phones:
Cingular 2100, Cingular 2125, Cingular 8100, Cingular 8125, Faraday 2100, Faraday 2125, T-Mobile MDA, i-mate K-JAM

Sharp TM-150
Mitsubishi T-300
Pantech PN215

(The four packs listed below are seperate from the 200 pack.)
Special Motorola Pack:
Works with RAZR(except V3m and V3x), Motoroloa KRZR(except K1m) , Motorola Q

Special Treo Pack:
Treo 600, Treo 650, Treo 700p, Treo 700w, Treo 700wx

Special LG Pack:
Special LG Adaptor package fits a long list of LG phones.

Special Novatel Wireless Pack:
Special Novatel Wireless package fits a long list of Novatel compatible products.

How it works, plus a little history.
The concept of cell phone reception is simple. Signals are transmitted to and from cell phone towers (base stations) and cell phone antennas. Antennas are the only link between the base stations and the cell phones. Since the signals are both transmitting and receiving, the performance of the wireless device will depend on numerous factors including distance, terrain and the environment the device is being used in.

The Freedom Antenna® was designed by ARC’s engineering staff after the Company’s CEO requested help to improve the reception at his home in Denver. The patented product has evolved through several generations to further improve the signal strength of not only cell phones, but other related wireless products such as wireless cellular and WiFi® cards for other fixed and mobile applications.

The principal advantage for cell phone usage is its broad coverage, which was one of the primary objectives our engineers were given when designing this unique product. The challenge for the Freedom Antenna® was that the cell phone carriers use different frequencies ranging from 806 to 896 MHz and 1850 to 1990 MHz in the United States and different frequencies in other countries. In general, an antenna that covers 806 to 960 MHz and 1710 to 2170 MHz will cover most licensed cellular phone and wireless device applications throughout the world. Moreover, wireless WiFi® cards operate in the 900 and 2400 MHz range and the emerging US WiMax application will be in the 2500 MHz band. The patented Freedom Antenna® is the only product of its kind that covers these broad requirements with one antenna operating from 800 to 3000 MHz.

The Freedom Antenna® is a passive antenna designed to plug into cell phone and other wireless devices’ antenna ports to offer a more powerful solution. Antennas are measured in gain. The Freedom Antenna® works at about 3dBi of gain. Every 3dBi of gain is the equivalent of doubling the power of an antenna. Typical cell phone antennas normally offer far less than 0dBi of gain and often as low as -6 dBi, so the Freedom Antenna® can essentially increase the strength of the antenna by approximately 8 times.

In order to achieve the gain and the required broad frequency bandwidth, the Freedom Antenna® uses a patented broadband flared slot antenna technology that is essentially a broadbanded top loaded monopole. The flared nature of the design is the main key to obtaining the broadband performance. This allows for the antenna performance to be well behaved for all the frequencies within the wide bandwidth.

Antennas mostly are directional or omni-directional in coverage depending on the desired application. The electromagnetic wave propagates to and from another antenna with the electric field oriented in a particular pre-defined manner which is referred to as polarization. For example, antenna polarization for satellite applications is typically circular, signals for television are polarized horizontally and signals from cellular towers are a combination of vertical and slant +/-45 degrees from vertical. The Freedom Antenna® is vertically polarized as an optimum match for the cellular networks. The Freedom Antenna® has an omni-directional coverage which means the user does not need to point it in any specific direction to achieve optimum performance. This is particularly important when in an unpredictable environment or in a mobile constantly changing signal scenario.

Cell phone carriers have done a remarkable job in providing virtually ubiquitous phone coverage. However, certain variables come in to play with most wireless users. Some of the variables include using the cell phone inside of a vehicle. The antenna sees this as a metal box blocking the signal or deflecting the signal when it does get inside the vehicle. Furthermore, with the cell phone laying on the seat, it is now attempting to operate in the horizontal vs. the vertical polarization that it was designed to optimize receiving and transmitting signals. Buildings offer a similar problem and many homes are surrounded with aluminum lined insulation and carbon based rooftops, again causing issues for the antenna.

There are four things that make the Freedom Antenna® such an effective device:
  • It is lightweight and portable. The unit weighs only 4 oz and is 5 ¾ inches tall by 3 ¼ inches wide and only ½ inch thick.
  • It can work on any wireless device that has an antenna port with frequencies ranging from 800 to 3000 MHz
  • It is a passive device thereby not requiring a power source.
  • It may improve battery life by minimizing the phone’s efforts to find a better signal.

The product is designed to be used in a vehicle, office or other locations. Simply remove the cover from the cell phone or wireless device’s antenna port and plug in the Freedom Antenna’s cable. Where there is a weak signal you will see an immediate increase in bars on your cell phone and faster throughput on your other wireless devices.

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